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Ramirez Rattlesnake Removal - Rattlesnake Bites and Animals

Rattlesnake den clearing - emergency response Dogs

Rattlesnake bites are veterinary emergencies - they result in serious injury to thousands of dogs each year.  Rattlesnake venom is a complex mixture of toxins that spread through a dog’s body following the bite.

Dogs are at risk for rattlesnake bite – they can encounter a rattlesnake anytime they are in rattlesnake habitat. You and your dog may live near rattlesnakes. Like people, dogs stumble upon a snake by accident. Curiosity or a protective instinct can place your dog at risk. Red Rock Rattlesnake Vaccine helps protect your pet.

The rattlesnake vaccine stimulates your dog's own immunity. The vaccine is intended to help create an immunity that will protect your dog against rattlesnake venom. Snakebite is always an emergency.  If you have dogs and are interested in learning more about the rattlesnake vaccine, please visit

For further information about this vaccine, please contact your local veterinarian.



Rattlesnake den clearing - emergency responseHorses

Rattlesnakes are a huge concern for horseback riders in the Auburn/Grass Valley area and in much of Northern and Southern California. We receive calls from concerned riders almost weekly during the late spring, summer, and early fall months, and every year several patients are treated who have been bitten by rattlesnakes. The article below will answer some of the questions horse owners have about rattlesnake bites. It also provides some information on what you can do for your horse that is bitten, and it explains what veterinarians do to treat horses with rattlesnake bites.

The Northern Pacific Rattlesnake is the species of rattlesnake that inhabits much of Northern California, including the Auburn area. They belong to a group of venomous snakes known as pit vipers, which are estimated to bite several hundred horses per year in the U.S. Approximately 90% of these snake bites occur between April and October.

For more information, read: "Rattlesnakes!!" by Molly Misakian, D.V.M.


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