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Gallery of Non-Venomous Snakes


  • California King SnakeThe California King snake is a constrictor and its practically immune to the venom of rattlesnakes. King snakes feed on many kinds of rodents as well as other snakes.
  • California King Snake Adult king snakes may reach lengths up to 5 feet. These snakes become nocturnal during the hot summer months.
  • Pacific Gopher SnakeOften confused with a rattlesnake.
  • Pacific Gopher SnakeOften confused with a rattlesnake.
  • Western Yellowbelly RacersRacers are very aggressive and active. At home in the brush and trees, they feed on small mammals, birds, frogs, lizards and other snakes. They may grow up to 4 feet.
  • Common Garter SnakeGarter snakes are black, green, yellow, and orange in color, with length-wise stripes, and are most likely to be found near water or moist areas such as gardens.
  • Len working with garter snake.Adult garter snakes can grow as long as 4 feet. These snakes feed on worms, frogs, slugs, fish, birds and mammals. The garter snake ?musk? its predators with a foul smelling spray.
  • Gopher SnakeOften confused with a rattlesnake because of its brown and tan coloring. These snakes may hiss loudly when angered and strike to defend themselves, often vibrating the tail tip in warning. The slim bodies can grow to 7 feet. They feed on small rabbits, squirrels, rats and mice.
  • Northern Ringneck Snake
  • Northern Ringneck Snake
  • Northern Ringneck Snake
  • Sharp Tailed SnakeA small secretive snake, this snake lives in damp environments. The reddish brown reptile has a distinct orange stripe and grows to one foot or less in length. They are most active after heavy rains and feed on slugs.



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